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Auditions for AGNES OF GOD

Auditions for AGNES OF GOD
by John Pielmeier
directed by Josh Sazon

THREE WOMEN REQUIRED. Auditions for the final production of Iowa City Community Theatre’s Sixtieth Season. Written by John Pielmeier, directed by Josh Sazon.

A court-appointed psychiatrist is summoned to a convent to assess the sanity of a young novitiate, Agnes, who is accused of murdering her newborn. The convent’s mother superior is determined to keep Agnes away from the doctor, saying that her questions will do more harm than good. Conflict ensues between the psychiatrist and the older nun over Agnes’s mental and spiritual health, and the play becomes an examination of contrasts between science and religion, between the temporal and spiritual, and between facts and faith.

* * *

Performance dates are on the evenings of April 22-23 and 29-30, with matinees on April 24 and May 1 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Iowa City.

Auditions will be held on Saturday February 13th from 1:00pm – 4:00pm in Meeting Room A at the Iowa City Public Library.

Actors will be given sides (a brief selection) from the play and should be prepared to perform a cold reading (directly from the script without preparation) during auditions. A full script will be available at the Iowa City Public Library reference desk for perusal.

Characters List
Agnes – A 21 year old novice nun. Agnes is a true innocent, and dependent upon the Church for her well-being and security. She is a true believer without artifice or agenda. She is accused of killing a child to whom she gives birth in the convent although she refuses to acknowledge the birth.

Mother Miriam Ruth. Age range: early 50s-60s. Mother Superior of the convent at which Agnes lives. She has been previously married and came into the Church later in life. She has children from which she is
estranged. She is tough, smart, and fierce in her protection of Agnes.

Dr. Martha Livingstone. Age range: mid 30s-40s. She is Agnes’ appointed psychiatrist, a lapsed Catholic driven, in this case, as much by her skepticism and resentment of the Church as by her faith in psychiatry.

Announcing Cast for “Brigadoon”


ICCT is thrilled to announce the casting of Brigadoon, the first show in our exciting 59th Season!  Thank you so very much to all who auditioned and a special congratulations to the cast of Brigadoon:

Tommy Albright: Colin Nies
Fiona MacLaren: Jacqueline Lang
Jeff Douglas: Roger Phelps
Meg Brockie: Katie Boothroyd
Charlie Dalrymple: Joe Mosher
Mr. Lundie: Jon Cryer
Andrew MacLaren: Tom Schulein
Harry Beaton: Jacques Motyko
Jeanie MacLaren: Taylor Wyatt
Jane Ashton: Kelsey Ford
Frank: Robert Steger
Archie Beaton: Len Duncan
Angus: Glen Schmitz
Doug Beardsley
Heidi Bibler
Trista Carlson
Caitlin Dorsett
Kelly Garrett
Emily Hill
Megan Hill
Kristi Johnson
Celine Kim
Rich LeMay
Nancy Mayfield
Beverly Mead
Davis Nepple
Addison Puccio
Linda Rowland
Michael Rowland
Jordan Running
Fenna Scherrer
Hal Schrott
Audrey Thompson-Wallace 
Brigadoon is Directed by Josh Sazon and Music Directed by Ed Kottick; Join us on Septemer 19th for a spectacular opening night and reception.
For full information regarding Brigadoon, including ticket information, click here.

Auditions for “Brigadoon”



OPEN AUDITIONS: Wednesday, July 16th 6-9 pm and Thursday, July 17th 7:30-9 pm

Location: Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center
220 S. Gilbert St.
Iowa City, IA 52240
Meeting Room A

***Please prepare an excerpt from a song to sing (30-60 seconds) and bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided. You may be asked to do a cold read. Also, please wear clothes in which you can move for the dance portion of the audition.*** If you’d like, you may download an audition form and bring it with you, otherwise you will be asked to fill one out at the time of your audition.


In this timeless tale, two New Yorkers accidentally discover a magical village that comes to life for one day every one hundred years. They meet delightful people in the midst of wedding preparations, buying and selling from the Fair. Although the town is surreal, the residents are not; their hopes and dreams speak to us as clearly as any contemporary setting. Amidst beautiful music, Scottish dancing, and clever dialog, and a tear or two, you will believe that miracles can happen.
Fiona MacLaren (soprano): female 18 – 30
Tommy Albright (baritone): male 30 – 40
Charlie Dalrymple (tenor): male 21 – 32
Meg Brockie (alto): female 18 – 30
Andrew MacLaren (baritone): male 47 – 65
Archie Beaton (bass): male 47 – 65
Ensemble (all parts): male and female, all ages
Jean MacLaren: female 18 – 30
Jeff Douglas: male 35 – 55
Harry Beaton: male 18 – 30
Mr. Lundie: male 50 – 75
Maggie Anderson: female 16 – 26
Jane Ashton: female 24 – 33



This production is in need of a lighting designer. If interested, or if you know someone who may be, please e-mail ICCT at: office@iowacitycommunitytheatre.com