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Announcing the Cast of Mame

Thank-you to all who auditioned for ICCT’s production of Mame. We were so grateful for everyone’s work.

·         Mame Dennis – Marcia Hughes

·         Patrick Dennis– Santiago Perez

·         Patrick Dennis – Joshua  James Johnson

·         Vera Charles — Ellen Stevenson

·         Agnes Gooch — Carole Martin

·         Ito — Josh Sazon

·         Beauregard Pickett Burnside — David Roe

·         Sally Cato –  Minsu Song

·         Cousin Fan — Denise Troutman

·         Cousin Jeff — Glenn Schmitz

·         Mother Burnside —  Pauline Tyer

·         Mr. Babcock — Roger Phelps

·         Mr. Upson — Mark Jagnow

·         Mrs. Upson —  Sheila Wayson

·         Gloria Upson – Ali Heath

·         Pegeen Ryan – Elinor Levin

·         Dwight Babcock, Jr. – Jocko Motyko

·         Lindsay Woolsey –  Jeff Emrich

·         Male Guest (Frank) and Edna – Andy Stewart and Ali Heath

·         Ralph Devine – Nick Ruzianski

·          Lithuanian Bishop – no spoken – TBA

·         Doorman  – Andy Stewart

·         Messenger – Emilee Cruchelow

·         Elevator Boy – Arryana Troutman

·         Leading Man  – Mark Jagnow

·         Stage Manager – Andy Stewart

·         Madame – TBA

·         Gregor – Jocko Motyko

·         Peter – Gavyn Troutman


Calling All Directors!

The Play and Director Selection Committee is beginning its process of choosing shows that will be performed at Iowa City Community Theatre for the 2018-2019 Season.

Interested in directing? Fill out the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pdBmJ55Cn_GsUCaPxZK7OPYxfT99_jiEIEBD1PhJh4c/viewform?edit_requested=true 

Auditions for Mame!

Auditions for Mame will be June 20 and June 21, 2017 at Christ the King Lutheran Church, Iowa City from 7:00 — 9:30 p.m.

A Dance/Movement audition will be at 8:00 p.m.

Call backs will be on June 27th at Christ the King Lutheran Church, Iowa City. More information can be found here.

Audition Information/Roles:

Cast Info (Singing Roles):

  • Mame Dennis – socialite, age range 30-50, music is from F3 to D5 with a few other high notes hinted at,
  • role requires you to be a triple threat: acting, singing, and dancing
  • Patrick Dennis, age 10 – orphaned nephew of Mame, F3 to D5
  • Patrick Denis, age 20 – adult version in Act 2, C3 to E4
  • Vera Charles — actress friend of Mame’s – around Mame’s age or slightly older, E b 3 to B b 4
  • Agnes Gooch — Patrick’s nanny – 20s, G3 to G5 or higher
  • Ito — Mame’s butler – ageless, G2 to C4
  • Beauregard Pickett Burnside — Mame’s flame, slightly older than Mame, C3 to D4
  • Sally Cato – Mame’s rival for Beau, slightly younger than Mame, chorus doubles her singing lines
  • Cousin Fan — snitching old spinster, E4 to B b 5 (will also be in chorus)
  • Cousin Jeff — disbelieving cousin, D3 to D4 (will also be in chorus)
  • Mother Burnside — cameo role, C3 to G4
  • Chorus — variety of ages, at least half will portray college aged kids full vocal ranges from Bass II to Soprano I
  • Speaking only roles – For more stage time, several speaking roles may also be cast from the chorus; if you really cannot sing, prove it with “Happy Birthday” or “Three Blind Mice” or similar ditty and show us your lip syncing skills!
  • Mr. Babcock — Wall Street type, 40s to 50s (some might call him the show’s antagonist)
  •  Mr. Upson — same age as Mr. Babcock as they are fast friends
  • Mrs. Upson — stay-at- home motherly type
  • Gloria Upson – Patrick the older’s finacee, 20s
  • Pegeen Ryan – Mame’s decorator – 20s (may also be in the chorus)
  •  Dwight Babcock, Jr. – Patrick’ best friend, 20s (may also be in chorus)


1. Sing 32-64 measures of a song that shows off your voice. Bring music with you. An accompanist will be


2. Movement component required for all actors (dancing around 8 p.m. for all auditioners)

3. Cold reading of selected materials

4. Cold reading from script of time allows

Audition Dates:

Tuesday, June 20 and Wednesday, June 21 at Christ the King Lutheran Church (Melrose and Mormon Trek), use front door and come to the basement (follow the signs).

Call Backs, Tuesday June 27 (will include singing songs from the show)

Rehearsal Information: 

Rehearsals will begin on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.
Performance Dates: 

Performance dates are September 22 – September 24, and September 29 — October 1. Actors will be required to attend all technical and dress rehearsals beginning Sunday, September 17th and continuing through the week.