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Announcing Cast for “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”


ICCT is thrilled to announce the casting of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, the second show in our exciting 59th Season!  Thank you so very much to all who auditioned and a special congratulations to the cast of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof:

Big Daddy: Scott Humeston
Big Mama: Beverly E. Mead
Brick: Aaron Weiner
Maggie: Rachel Korach Howell
Mae: Nicole DeSalle
Gooper: Jeffrey Allen Mead
Reverend Tooker: Scott Strode
Dr. Baugh: Robert Steger
Servent: Jacques Motyko
Bryn Russell
Olivia Russell
Rowan Russell


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is Directed by Brett Borden; Join us on October 31st for a spectacular opening night and reception.
For full information regarding Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, including ticket information, click here.

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” Auditions


OPEN AUDITIONS: Sunday, August 17th 2:00-4:00pm and Monday, August 18th 7:00-10:00p. Callbacks on Tuesday, August 19th 7:00-10:00pm.

Location: Iowa City Public Library
123 S Linn St.
Iowa City, IA 52240
Meeting Room B

***Auditioners will be asked to do a cold read. Prepared monologues are encouraged, but not required.



One of Tennessee Williams’s best-known works and his personal favorite, is set in the “plantation home in the Mississippi Delta” of Big Daddy Pollitt, a wealthy cotton tycoon. The play examines the relationships among members of Big Daddy’s family, primarily between his son Brick and Maggie the “Cat”, Brick’s wife; examining the conflict between truth and illusion. Winner of the 1955 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.
Maggie (The Cat); a woman desperate in her sense of loneliness, who is made all the more beautiful in her envy, longing, and dispossession.
Brick; embodies an almost archetypal masculinity, though an obviously broken man due to repressed homosexual desires.
Big Daddy; Brick’s father. Affectionately dubbed by Maggie as an old-fashioned “Mississippi redneck,” Daddy is a large, brash, and vulgar plantation millionaire who believes he has returned from the grave.
Big Mama; Brick’s mother. breathless, sincere, earnest, crude, and bedecked in flashy gems, Mama is a woman embarrassingly dedicated to a man who despises her and in feeble denial of her husband’s disgust.
Mae; A mean, agitated “monster of fertility” who schemes with her husband Gooper to secure Big Daddy’s estate.
Gooper; A successful corporate lawyer. He deeply resents his parents’ love for Brick, viciously relishes in Daddy’s illness, and rather ruthlessly plots to secure control of the estate.
Reverend Tooker; A tactless, opportunistic, and hypocritical guest, he embodies the lie of conventional morality.
Doctor Baugh; The sober Baugh is Daddy’s physician. He delivers Daddy’s diagnosis to Big Mama and leaves her with a prescription of morphine.
Children; Mae and Gooper’s children. They appear here as grotesque, demonic “no- necked monsters” who intermittently interrupt the action on-stage.



This production is in need of a lighting designer. If interested, or if you know someone who may be, please e-mail ICCT at: office@iowacitycommunitytheatre.com

Newsletter: July 2014

ICCT kicks off their season with the first Newsletter of the 59th Season.  Contents include a season overview, audition info, the new Board members, and how YOU can help ICCT with their finest season yet.newsletter1 newsletter2 newsletter3 newsletter4