Auditions for Blood Wedding

Come audition for our spring drama directed by Matt and Kris Brewbaker!

Sunday, December 9th from 2 pm to 5 pm, Iowa City Public Library Meeting Room D

Monday, December 10th from 6 pm to 9 pm, Iowa City Public Library Meeting Room B

Blood Wedding is a lyrical and a mythical tale of love and tragedy. The story begins with an engagement which will unite two wealthy land owners. The groom is the surviving son from a family that has seen too much murder and revenge. The Bride was previously betrothed to Leonardo but his family was deemed too poor for the marriage to occur and is now looking to move on and embrace her new life.

Featuring many of Lorca’s themes of nature and the danger of allowing society to dictate human emotion, this play weaves poetry and song into a story of humanity, love, and loss.

Sides will be provided at auditions.


Bride – age: 20ish, young woman who was originally betrothed to Leonardo before marriage was called off by her family

Mother – age: 50ish, Groom’s mother; a bitter and protective woman who lost a husband and son by Leonardo’s family

Bridegroom – age: 20ish, remaining son of Mother, ambitious and polite

Leonardo – age: 20ish, impetuous, determined, aggressive and still in love with Bride

Leonardo’s wife – age: 20ish (some singing involved), Bride’s cousin, sweet and all too aware of Leonardo’s issues

Leonardo’s mother-in-law – age: 50ish (some singing involved), caretaker of the family, distrustful of Leonardo

Father – age: 50ish, Bride’s father, protective and interested in the merging of estates, widowed

Maid/Criada – age: 50 or older (some singing involved), the maid of Bride and Father, very close with Bride

Neighbor – age: 30 or older, woman

Moon – woman, any age, dazzling and dangerous. Lines are all poetry with possibility of some singing.

Beggarwoman – Any age, mysterious and possibly dangerous

Young girl – age: 8 to 12 years old

Woodcutters (3) – age: 20 or older, male

Various other smaller roles, some of which may be dual cast (3 young women age 12 or up)