Auditions for Laughter on the 23rd Floor!

Laughter on the 23rd Floor is a 1993 play by Neil Simon. It focuses on the star and writers of a TV comedy-variety show in the 1950s, inspired by Simon’s own early career experience as a junior writer for Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s


  • August 26 7pm-10pm Johnson County Fairgrounds
  • August 27 6pm-9pm Robert A Lee Recreation Center, Meeting Room B

Looking at starting rehearsals by Sept. 9, depending on availability of actors.



Help us fill this fantastic cast of strong characters! No preparation necessary, excerpts from the script will be provided on location. New auditionees encouraged!

Max Prince (Lead): Male, 35-60, Bigger-than-life comic actor who is the mega-star of a hugely popular television variety show “The Max Prince Show,” based on Sid Caesar and “Your Show of Shows;” cannot help but dominate a room entirely.

Lucas Brickman (Lead): Male, 20-35, The freshman writer; sensible and sincere. Our story guide.

Milt Fields: Male, 30-45, The flamboyant “gag” man; a joke a minute wholesaler who deals in fast paced patter.

Val Slotsky: Male, 30-45, A senior member of the staff; the most politically aware of all the writers; a Russian immigrant, he should still carry a strong accent.

Brian Doyle: Male, 30-45, Irish-American, with a biting sense of humor and bitter outlook on life, smokes, drinks, and coughs a lot.

Kenny Franks: Male, 25-35, Considered the “boy genius” of the group but also the most sophisticated of the writers.

Ira Stone: Male, 35-45, A hypochondriac, comes in late every day with a new ailment.

Carol Wyman: Female, 28-40, The only female staff writer. Strong. Independent. Fiery.

Helen: Female, 20-30, Max’s secretary, attractive in a quirky way and completely out of her element amongst the writers.