Directed by Susan Hamel
Music Direction by Jeffrey Allen Mead

Award-winning songs and big Texas charm fill this classic musical about a small-town brothel that plays host to senators, mayors and football stars. Miss Mona runs the show at the Chicken Ranch, but trouble comes to town when the puritanical reporter Melvin P. Thorne descends on the bordello with his cameras, trying to shut down the fun. When the political heat gets to be too much, the governor has to step in, and life in Gilbert, Texas will

Auditions: Tuesday, October 27 & Wednesday, October 28, starting at 7pm

Location: Iowa City Public Library, Meeting Room A

Performances: January 22-23 & 29-30 at 7:30pm  January 24 & 31 at 2:00pm

Audition Process: Please plan to arrive by 7:00. We will do cold readings and teach choreography after vocal auditions. Dress to move! Auditions will be done in a group setting with everyone in the room together.

If you have questions, please contact Director: Susan Hamel : (preferred)
319-430-9807 (leave a message)

Cast Breakdown:

Miss Mona Stangley  35+, Owner and operator of “The Chicken Ranch.” No nonsense, but also very warm, motherly, energetic and personable. Vocal range: Alto.  Songs: A Lil’ Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place, Girl You’re a Woman, No Lies, Bus From Amarillo.

Jewel Mosley  35+, Maid and cook at The Chicken Ranch for more than 25 years. She is a true golden girl – sassy, sexy and self assured. Vocal range: Alto/Soprano. Songs: Girl You’re a Woman, Twenty four Hours of Lovin, No Lies

Doatsey Mae Grimes  25+, Waitress at the Texas Twinkle Café. She’s a trusting, reliable ear, treated by the men of the town more like a man than a woman. Vocal Range: Sopranco. Songs: Doatsey Mae

Angel– aka, Nancy Jean Drury  20+ Former teen mom who left home after giving birth to her son Billy, now six years old, when her father beat her up. She’s tough, scrappy and street smart. Vocal Range Alto/Soprano. Songs: Girl You’re a Woman, Twenty Four Hours of’Lovin, No Lies, Hard Candy Christmas

Shy–aka, Annamerle Seltzer  16+ Country, farm girl; young, fresh faced, sheltered and gawky. Naïve and shy, but headstrong and capable. Vocal range: Soprano Songs: Girl You’re a Woman, Twenty Four Hours of Lovin, No Lies, Hard Candy Christmas

Miss Mona’s girls/townspeople  16+, Cover various roles including townspeople, small lines, dance -oles and small vocal solos, around 8-9 people

Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd  40+ Sheriff of La Grange, Texas. He’s a down home, cowboy type, lovingly curmudgeonly more than a little rough around the edges. He’s a live and let live type, though, surprisingly liberal in his thinking and his language. Vocal Range: Baritone. Songs: Good Old Girl

Melvin P. Thorpe  40+ Television personality and part time revivalist preacher – more huckster than holy. If Donald Trump and Sarah Palin created a child, it would be Melvin. He’s brash, bigger than life and a complete blowhard. Obsessed by sanctity and morality  in overcompensation for a rather effeminate manner. Vocal Range: Tenor/Baritone Songs: Watch Dog Theme, Texas Has a Whorehouse In It, The Sidestep

Governor Briscoe  50+ A former rancher and businessman from Uvalde, TX; now a first term Governor in his first year in office. He’s the quintessential politician: Saying a lot of nothing. Amiable and full of charm, he’s dumb about everything but politics. Vocal Range: Baritone Songs: The Sidestep

Edsel Mackey  25+ A big city Houston boy who landed his first newspaper job out of high school with  the town paper: The Gilbert Gospel. He’s now Editor in Chief and is, without question, the smartest man in town. Witty, dry and shrewd. Think a young MSNBC talking head.

Mayor Rufus Poindexter  40+ Local automobile dealer and youngest son of the town’s richest and most well known family. Like George W. Bush, he was the son least expected to succeed –but  now he’s the only one in town, running the dealership and the town. He doesn’t like, and is overwhelmed by, his job and he’s not shy about everyone knowing it.

Aggie boys/Townspeople  16+  Cover various roles including townspeople, small lines, dance roles and small vocal solos, around 8-9 people