Fall Membership Meeting 11/11 1:30pm-3pm

Mark your calendars and #joinus for our Fall Membership Meeting! We will have updates on the second half of our season, vote on changes to the by-laws and eat snacks!

Who: Any member of ICCT! You are a member if you have volunteered in a show during the past or current season OR you have paid or will pay at the meeting your $10 membership dues. We welcome everyone.

What: Catching up, voting, snacks!

When: November 11th, 1:30pm-3pm

Where: At our theatre! Building A at the Johnson County Fairgrounds

Annoucing the 2018 – 2019 Season

The Iowa City Community Theatre is please to announce our 2018-2019 season; we hope you will join us for this exciting year of community theatre!


September 14 – 23

Directed by: Jaret Morlan

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Cast List

Little Village Review

The Daily Iowan

Laughter on the 23rd Floor
October 26 – November 4
Directed by: Brian Tanner

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Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge
November 30- December 9
Directed by: William Asmus

Cast List

Ticket Information Released 11/5/18

Is There Life After High School?
January 11-20
Directed by: Jeffrey Allen Mead

Audition Information TBA

Ticket Information Released 12/10/18

Blood Wedding
February 22 – March 3
Directed by: Matt Bewbaker

Audition Information TBA

Ticket Information Released 1/21/19

The Music Man
April 5 – 20
Directed by: Josh Sazon

Audition Information TBA

Ticket Information Released 3/4/19

Cast List for Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge

Huge round of applause👏👏 to our cast of Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge!

Director Will Asmus is happy to announce the cast of our holiday show:

The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future: Chastity Williams
Ebenezer Scrooge: Josh Sazon
Mrs. Bob Cratchit: Meaghan Harding
Bob Cratchit: Andrew Berger
Tiny Tim/ Fezziwig Daughter: Beau Leavenworth
Little Nell Cratchit: Ariane Parkes-Parret
Cratchit Child One/ Zuzu Bailey: Arryana Troutman
Cratchit Child Two/ Young Jacob Marley: Gavyn Troutman
Jacob Marley/ Clarence/ Bartender 1/ Ensemble: Eric Teeter
Young Ebenezer/ Ensemble: Nicholas Hansen
Mr. Fezziwig/ Beadle/ Bartender 2/ Ensemble: David Edwards
Mrs. Fezziwig/ Mrs. Beadle/ Gentleman 1: Minsu Song
Nice Mrs. Cratchit/ Ensemble: Denise Troutman
Monica/ Hedwig/ Serena/ Ensemble: Erin Mills
Gentleman 2/ Edvar/ George Bailey: Lucas Martin


This production is presented with sponsorship by the University of Iowa Community Credit Union.

Auditions for Mrs. Bob Crachit’s Wild Christmas Binge

Come audition for our holiday comedy!

Sunday September 16th
Iowa City Public Library
Meeting Room D

Monday September 17th
Iowa City Public Library
Meeting Room B

Audition Requirements: The auditions will consist of a cold reading, as well as 16 bars of a song, (a favorite Christmas carol would be more than acceptable). It should be noted that while vocals will be considered, they are secondary to acting and comedic ability for this particular show.

In this departure from Dickens, young Scrooge’s exclamations of “Bah, humbug!” are an undiagnosed “kind of seasonal Tourette’s Syndrome,” and The Ghost of Christmas Past is played by a sassy African-American woman with enough attitude to portray all three spirits (which she does). She tries to show Scrooge his past, present and future in order to change him, but her magic keeps malfunctioning in Durang’s version of the beloved holiday classic, and they consistently find themselves transported to the wrong time and place. She tries to take Scrooge back to see his old employers, the Fezziwigs—”always an audience favorite”—but instead she and Scrooge keep appearing in the present at the Cratchit’s pathetic home. Mrs. Bob Cratchit, a minor character in the Dickens, takes center stage here. No longer loving and long suffering, Mrs. Bob is in a rage: She’s sick of Tiny Tim (the goody-goody crippled child), she hates her twenty other children (most of them confined to the root cellar), including oversized Little Nell, and she wants to get drunk and jump off London Bridge. As the Ghost loses more control, the plot morphs into parodies of Oliver Twist, “The Gift of the Magi” and It’s a Wonderful Life. And to make matters worse, Scrooge and Mrs. Bob seem to be kindred souls falling in love. With a dénouement that is two parts Touched by an Angel and one part The Queen of Mean, Scrooge’s tale of redemption and gentle grace is placed squarely on its head.

GHOST – (20’s to 40’s) a striking theatrical woman with a lot of soul. No accent.

EBENEEZER SCROOGE – (40’s to 60’s) a sour, cranky and grumpy man who hates Christmas. English accent.

BOB CRATCHIT – (30’s to 40’s) a mild mannered, suffering blob of a man. Scrooge’s employee, and family man. English accent.

MRS. BOB CRATCHIT – (30’s to 40’s) an exhausted and fed up house wife. No accent.

TINY TIM – (adult actor 20’s) a boyish adult. Always positive despite his limp. English accent.

LITTLE NELL – (adult actress, 20’s to 30’s) Bob and Mrs. Bob’s daughter. She is not “little”.

MR. FEZZIWIG – (30’s to 50’s) extremely cheerful and happy, his personality dominates the room. English accent.

GEORGE BAILEY – (20’s to 40’s) happy and hyper.

GHOST OF JACOB MARLEY – (40’s to 60’s) Scrooge’s former business partner, misunderstood. English accent.

THE NICE MRS. CRATCHIT – (20’s to 30’s) lovely, sweet, calm, generous. She’s everything that Mrs. Cratchit isn’t. English accent. Also plays Mrs. Dutch Person (dutch accent) and Lovely Irish Voice (Irish accent).

YOUNG EBENEEZER – (boy, age 8 to 13) a young Scrooge with seasonal Tourette’s Syndrome. English accent.

YOUNG JACOB MARLEY – (girl, age 8 to 13) a young Jacob, he actually likes Christmas. English accent.